About Us

Our mission is…

Teacher and her young students clapping their hands

“to give children a safe, fun, healthy, and caring place to be. We want to create an environment where children and families feel welcome and trust our program will have their child’s interest at heart.”

Children will be encouraged through positive reinforcement to be nice to their friends. We will encourage all children to treat their friends and our center with respect. We try to provide a daily structured program with an emphasis on creative art. We also work on “getting ready for school” through our morning preschool program.

Our program has a daily craft, songs, stories, circle time and so much more. We enjoy being outside. If weather is acceptable we will be outside at least an hour each day. We do a lot of fun activities each day and some of them can be messy (such as painting).

About Our Center

Our director and founder, Mohamoud Warsame, here at Southside Child Development Center started with a goal to provide quality education and nurture to each and every child. Southside Child Development Center is here to provide a program for the children that emphasizes on art, activities and a fun learning curriculum. At Southside Child Development Center we make sure that the children learn to grow emotionally, mentally and physically to help them with their current and future challenges in life. We focus on giving each child the love, safety and care that they need.

All children, regardless of their varying abilities and backgrounds, deserve to develop in an environment that encourages autonomy and personal responsibility. Children of differing abilities and ages can learn from each other while developing the virtues of caring and compassion, and that’s what we provide here at Southside Child Development Center.

Southside Child Development Center is to provide this nurturing environment of supporting guidance in which children can learn from their choices and develop to their fullest potential. We seek to enhance the role of importance on each child’s development.

Please browse our website to learn more about us. We would love to hear from you so give us a call at 612-598-4187 or contact us online.