Teachers & Classrooms

Southside Child Development Center strives to be your child care and education provider of choice. In order to achieve this goal, we make sure to constantly deliver the highest quality of standards in everything that we do. Our high quality of standards doesn’t just apply to our programs and services, but we also make sure to maintain the same quality when it comes to our facilities and the staff members that we employ.

Our Teachers

At Southside Child Development Center, we want to provide your child with holistic programs and services that can cater to their cognitive, emotional, mental, physical, and social needs. In order to implement our carefully designed programs effectively, we have employed some of the best teachers in the industry.

Our teachers are all highly educated, trained, and fully committed to providing excellent services for you and your children. They have undergone thorough background and reference checks, training, and extensive interviews before gaining employment with our institution.

On top of their professional credentials, we are proud to say that our teachers are truly passionate about teaching.

Our Classrooms

Aside from providing your quality education, your child’s safety and overall well-being are on top of our priorities as well. To ensure your child’s safety and security, we have made sure that our classrooms are clean, regularly maintained, and free from any harmful objectives and substances.

At Southside Child Development Center, we want our classrooms to be conducive to learning and at the same time, we want it to be a place where your child can move around freely and safely. Furthermore, we also make sure that any equipment, toys, and other materials that we use within the classroom are child-proof and appropriate for their age as well.

Do you want to see our classrooms and meet our teachers in person? You can Set An Appointment now or contact us at 612-598-4187 for assistance and more information.