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Toddlers are filled with energy and curiosity about the world and are emerging a sense of independence increasingly fast. Southside Child Development Center focuses on supporting and reinforcing the independence of our two-year-old demonstrations by providing fun and challenging activities. Our teachers aim to meet the important developmental stage in a daycare environment that provides what they need most, including individual attention, enrichment and praise. Our classrooms are designed with unique Learning Centers where your child will participate in a variety of stimulating experiences. Our program was designed to encourage each child’s mounting need for objectivity and to nurture the development of their self-esteem in a safe, supportive manner. Southside Child Development Center has put careful consideration in our classroom arrangements, developmentally stimulating materials, and equipment to encourage learning every day. Our teachers are dedicated to the development of trust, security, and emotional growth through prompt, tender, and responsive care. Our weekly lesson plans are created to enhance and stimulate development. In addition we also carefully designed our toddler classroom to offer learning centers including:

Learning Centers

  • Dramatic Play: This interest center helps your child make sense of their world as they use their imagination and problem-solving abilities.
  • Blocks and Building – including blocks and building materials to construct tall towers, roads, and bridges
  • Discovering: Your two-year-old will learn math and science concepts and develop fine motor skills by stacking, sorting, counting, putting together (and taking apart!) various objects.
  • Books: Exploring books and stories promotes a love of literature and language
  • Arts: Through painting, drawing, your child will learn small muscle control and problem solving.
Ages: 18 months to 36 months
Teacher to child ratio: 1:7